Darwin Shurig

Darwin understands the key qualities that companies look for in candidates to grow market share while enhancing their positive culture and team environment. He has a clinical background of over 20 years, including 15 years of sales experience within: medical devices, diagnostics, medical distribution, and sleep therapy; 8 years in sales management success; 3 years in operations; and extensive experience in negotiations and business development before starting SSI.

He founded Shurig Solutions, Inc. in 2015; Darwin is responsible for business development, contracting, marketing, and recruiting strategy, personally responsible for over $3 Million in revenue generation, created the SSI Educational Webinar series, created the “Candidate Prep Best Practices” and leads the SSI team in daily marketing and recruiting activities.

Darwin was recently highlighted in Creative Classics book “The American Entrepreneur” published in 2020 and was listed as an MRI Top 10 Managing Partner for 2020.  When Darwin is not in the office, Darwin loves sports, music, nature, charity, and spending time with his 3 children and wife, Jamie.  He additionally has a serious addiction to anything with Peanut Butter!