Operations Partners

We understand the industry

Your company has created and funded the prototype for a medical device or pharma product that can have a life-changing impact on patients and now you are moving into commercialization or your next phase of growth. You need a partner who understands what is needed to support your growing company with the right leadership, operational efficiency, human resources, and training. You create best practices across your business units and individual departments to support growth, development, and allow your talent to focus on what they do best.

The professionals at SSI understand not only how to get products through the RA pathway and the talent needed to mitigate risk and support efficient, safe, and reproducible medical products, but also how to find the right professionals to oversee operations such as human resources, supply chain, sales operations, training, and professional development. Operational talent is critical to driving efficiency and the appropriate balance in your business while giving the ability to manage your growth. SSI understands the emotional intelligence and leadership that is critical to help your business run successfully and expand the right way.

We understand the network

Operations not only includes your physical locations’ oversight but also the equipment you need to keep production going and the talent to problem solve. Operations understands what is important to each department’s needs and challenges, along with the systems and processes that allow your company to thrive and grow. The professional agents at SSI understand the talent needed not only at the VP level, but also to support sales operations and to analyze data that help you make the right decisions as your business grows.

Complete Operations talent management

We have the experience, resources, and understanding of the marketplace to help identify and attract the right talent for your needs at the VP, manager, and individual contributor levels that includes overall operations, but also training, professional development, HR, and sales operations.

  • Operational Leadership
  • Total Quality Management
  • Equipment & Systems
  • Human Resources
  • IT support and Cyber Security
  • Maintenance & Facility Oversight
  • Scheduling & Forecasting
  • Inventory Management & Supply Chain
  • Professional Development & Training
  • cGMP Training
  • Process & System Performance

Our clients range from start-ups, private small businesses, and mid-cap companies to publicly traded and top-30 global medical device and biotech companies across the world.

Operations recruiters building career-spanning relationships, from candidacy to organizational leadership.