Medtech Recruitment Defined By a Deeper Understanding

Shurig Solutions Inc. builds relationships that start in the early phases of a career and continues to the top of organizational leadership.

01 - About Us

Experiencing the Shurig Solutions Difference

Our firm has a solid foundation in both the clinical and the corporate worlds. We are ready to put our essential and diverse experience to efficient use, enabling the effective growth of medical organizations and careers alike.

02 - Our Process

The Shurig Solutions Process

Our experience and our industry knowledge have helped to forge an industry proven recruiting process, ready to take on even your most complex hiring challenges.

03 - Careers with Shurig Solutions, Inc

Becoming A Part Of Something Greater

Shurig Solutions is always in search of professionals who are ready to leverage their skills, experience, knowledge and contacts into a new career opportunity that focuses on what they can become.

04 - Permanent & Contract


Bespoke permanent placement and contract staffing services to meet the diverse hiring needs of biotech and pharma, covering every complex vertical through adaptive hiring solutions.

Our Expertise We Add Value To Every Vertical We Touch

Medical recruitment is about more than making placements - it is a process that must be personalized to expertly match the professional with a compatible company, maximizing the potential for both.

Regulatory Affairs

Connecting medical device, pharmaceutical and life science industry leading companies with the regulatory and compliance talent crucial to navigating the regulatory process to access patient markets.

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Medical recruitment that understands the digital marketing talent your strategic outreach and communications efforts need to build a trusted brand and manifest success.

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Bringing our partner clients the brightest in quality talent to support design quality, risk management, technology transfer, optimize manufacturing efficiencies, QMS, and supplier oversight.

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We offer our client partners access to the highly specialized talent critical to the research, design and development of essential processes, medical technologies and devices.

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Marketing, Sales, BD

Medical recruitment that brings professionals with strength in analytics, business acumen, upstream marketing, downstream marketing, digital campaigns, business development and sales talent to build successful brands.

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Offer Acceptance Rate

From start to finish, we closely oversee every part of the transparent and efficient process


Retained Acceptance

Attracting top talent with priority search that includes additional support tools while protecting your value proposition.

43 days

Time to Fill

Your time is precious. We are dedicated to facilitating the highest level of efficient and accurate placement while mitigating the cost of a mishire.