TTA - Attraction, Efficiency and Retention

Fill your positions 30% faster

Shurig Solutions Inc. offers our partners more than just access to top talent, but also assistance in developing or fine-tuning your interview process to ensure you hire talent that not only has the skill set you need but is the right cultural fit for your organization.

Our Top Talent Accelerant program is designed to fill your positions 30% faster which will lower your total opportunity costs.  TTA encompasses attracting the right talent using video and AI to reach those passive candidates through all the white noise.  The program is designed to increase your interview process efficiency so that you don't miss out on the top talent. 


48% increased retention rate vs industry

Companies spend millions of dollars a year in hiring and onboarding because of low retention rates.  Understanding how to delineate between the skills necessary and cultural fit is important in increasing retention in an organization resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.

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TTA Hiring Assessment

How does your company compare to the industry in its hiring practices?  Take this assessment and we will send you customized results.

Building career-spanning relationships, from candidacy to organizational leadership, we provide access to the future of the Medtech and Pharma industry.