Permanent & Contract Staffing

Delivering end-to-end talent management for the medtech and pharma spaces

The permanent placement services at Shurig Solutions Inc. provide access to the top-performing professionals and leadership your business needs to realize future growth goals. Build agile and adaptive teams to expand your organization's capabilities and the depth of your company culture. We deliver candidates who will enable and add to your vision. We help you form teams that will define your future and brand for years to come.

Short-term solutions for long-term goals.

In today’s business environment, companies must rely on a variety of staffing solutions to meet their organization’s needs and objectives. Growth spurts in your business can be cyclical-they often require specialized external resources to partner with existing staff. Or perhaps a key individual has taken a leave of absence, but you still have important work that needs to be done. Or you simply have a short-term opportunity that you want to take advantage of without having to resort to a permanent placement solution. Shurig Solutions’s influence within the marketplace covers the full range of solutions including locating and negotiating with key Impact players who can build your business on a contract or short-term basis.

We are committed to a strong relationship-driven approach that combines best-in-class recruiting practices and continuous training to provide an exceptional level of service to every client and candidate.

Building career-spanning relationships, from candidacy to organizational leadership, we provide access to the future of the Medtech and Pharma industry.