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Talent Management Strategy Series – Part 7

Talent Management Strategies: Attraction

In terms of Attraction, if you make it Transactional, then you should expect Transactional results.

With all of the information out in the marketplace, it’s not a matter of finding people or who is in your “rolodex”!  It’s about the technology that is used and how you reach out initially, understanding their experience and career interests, secondly, and how you ATTRACT to the Opportunity including the WHY and Culture.  It is vital to make your Mission Statement and Why a part of your interview process.  The Top Talent in the industry wants to make an impact, work on products that bring great value or solve a significant clinical challenge and also, they want to learn from and enjoy the people they are doing the work with.

Key Considerations for Attraction:

Tie in your Mission Statement and Why to the Interview Process.
Who will they BECOME by joining your organization?  You can’t simply interview Top Talent.

Make sure you are creating Hiring Processes and customizing your interview process with questions that identify candidates that match your culture and eliminate candidates that don’t.
What do you need them to do in the next 6-24 months and how could that change? Critical relevant to Retention.

AI and Digital Optimization are HUGE topics as the Metaverse grows. What technology are you using to protect and enhance your value proposition as a part of your interview process? 

The first interview is an important initial interaction and if you start with HR, they don’t have to be an SME for that position.  But they do have to know what the responsibilities will be, how the company is positioned in the industry compared to the competition, the mission statement and what’s exciting.

Lastly- understand it’s a numbers game and every time you get up to bat matters- including the candidate’s perspective and whether it’s a positive or negative experience.

Leadership IQ‘s extensive data from the industry shows that only 11% of Failed Hires were due to technical aptitude.  Think about that!  The other 89% was due to Low Emotional Intelligence, Poor Temperament…. They don’t play well in the sandbox, aren’t coachable, and have poor motivation! Wow…  That is incredible!

How important is it to Hire for Cultural Fit, Attitude, and the Ability to Grow?!

Please reach out if we can help you evaluate if your hiring processes are optimal to identify talent that fits your culture, share processes and technology that attract the right talent up to 30% more efficiently while protecting your value prop, or support your team in creating interviewing and hiring best practices.

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