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Digital Optimization- Part Three

Exploring Smart Factories and Digital Twins

In the last part of our Digital Optimization Series, today we shine a spotlight on Smart Factories and Virtual Twins.

As of 2023, the global smart manufacturing market stands at an impressive USD 310.92 billion, and it’s projected to reach USD 754.1 billion by 2030, driven by technologies like machine learning, Big Data, cloud computing, and AI. These innovations are intricately linked with the burgeoning Metaverse.
Digital Twins, virtual replicas of physical assets or processes, are poised for remarkable growth. They offer real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization, revolutionizing production efficiency and product development. Their adoption shortens design cycles, increases readiness for manufacturing, and leverages real-world data for predictive insights.
Candidates pondering career moves should consider a company’s digital optimization stance, while executives and HR professionals can explore retention strategies that could boost company culture, engagement, and profitability.

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