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Talent Management Strategy Series – Part 6

Talent Management Strategies: How good is your QMS for your #1 Asset- People?

From the first ideation of creativity, as the entrepreneurial passion grows, to funding, planning, and starting to execute.  Who will make up the leadership team?  Is it a physical product, a service, B2B…. will you have inventory, who will do initial manufacturing, what do I need to understand about compliance and regulations, and what services, software applications and tools does the company need to even get started?

What is the serviceable obtainable market or if you successfully enter the market what position will you be in?  Is it a growth sector with strong potential upside?  What will be your commercial launch strategy?

In my presentation- Talent Management Strategies: Attraction, Efficiency, and Retention we explore several Key Considerations.  In any industry, your QMS is vitally important.  If you don’t make quality a priority, how will you keep customers and have long-term viability?

Our partners need to make safe, effective, reproducible products that are cost effective and the process to get a product to market is extensive, costly, and there are several critical factors before production for design quality and risk management.

Needless to say, not having a strong quality culture can create painful short-term effects but even more devasting long term financial implications in recalls, lost sales, fines, and an inability to manufacture and sell your product which all should come second to patient safety and positive outcomes.

My respectful but critical question to you and your company is this: If your QMS for the products you manufacture or services you provide matched the QMS for your Talent Management processes to identify, attract, and retain your most important asset, PEOPLE….. Would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

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