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Talent Management Strategy Series – Part 5

Talent Management Strategies: Hiring Considerations for RA

RA friends and professionals; I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this perspective!

Regulatory Affairs is a critical part of any medical company’s ability to access patient populations, overall financial stability, global risk management, and should have a valued and important seat at the Executive Stakeholder table.

What is the key skillset that an RA professional should have?  What should a Hiring Manager be focused on for skills and make a part of the evaluation process?  Are you looking for someone to be an expert in each relevant section of a regulatory submission?

How will you approach autonomy in the post-pandemic world and the ever-emerging Metaverse?  Will you hire for attitude and cultural fit?  Does the compensation, responsibility, and desired skill set match the compensation?  Is the company mission statement, vision statement, and benefit to patient populations compelling?  Will you interview only or understand that you need to actually attract?

SSI looks forward to attending Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) Convergence in Montreal to learn and grow from the incredible speakers, catch up with friends, and network with new RA professionals while being a sponsor and presenter later this year.

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