Eikon Therapeutics

Pioneering a new method of drug discovery based on tracking and measuring movement of individual proteins in live cells


Biotechnology Research




Hayward, CA

Eikon Therapeutics is a new biopharmaceutical company employing revolutionary technology at the interface of biology, engineering and chemistry to discover novel treatments for life-threatening diseases. Eikon’s discovery platform is built on groundbreaking innovations from its founders (Nobel Prize, 2014), culminating in the creation of microscopes which enable real time, molecular-resolution measurements of protein movement in living cells.   By directly measuring the effects of chemical compounds on the behavior of protein molecules in a live cellular environment, Eikon’s landmark assays facilitate the highly sensitive identification of compound-protein interactions that could not be identified through traditional assays, thereby unlocking otherwise intractable classes of proteins as drug targets. Furthermore, the ability to directly visualize protein mechanisms in disease coupled with the extraordinarily high-powered high-content data sets generated by Eikon’s drug-screening technology enable an unprecedented opportunity to quantitatively explore novel biology in the living cell. These insights facilitate creation and application of data-driven hypotheses to the discovery of life-saving therapies.

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