George Avila

George Avila recruits high impact MedTech executives in Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.

He brings 18 years of diversified experience in medical manufacturing.  As a former CEO and entrepreneur, he understands the importance of hiring and retaining world-class teams and building long term relationships based on trust and respect.  Aside from leading the Business Development efforts, his expertise has been in developing systems and teams for business strategy, human resources, operations, supply chain, customer service, quality assurance, and FDA regulatory compliance for medical devices, serving as the plant’s registered FDA facility operator.

George holds a BBA in International Business Management from the University of Texas and earned a Black Belt in Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) which he has applied across the enterprise.

Residing in South Texas with his wife Angie and 5 children, he is involved with and supports the Shriners Children’s Hospitals and enjoys driving to remote beaches for camping and fishing on the Texas gulf coast. He is an avid reader in history, business, sales, stoic philosophy and geopolitics. In the last 2 years, during his drive and daily 5k runs, he has accumulated 1230 hours of audiobook listening time.


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