Chrissie Fay

Chrissie has over 20 years of experience in agency recruitment, Corporate Recruitment, and Corporate Recruitment Leadership across multiple disciplines.   She has the innate ability to understand the business needs and implement solutions to increase the level of talent.
Some key highlights of Chrissie’s career are:

  • Talent Acquisition strategies, processes and metrics
  • Global development and Recruitment
  • Build and managed Talent Acquisition teams
  • Designed and implement Interview Training
  • Designed and implement Campus Recruitment strategies and processes
  • Managed teams from 2 to 12 directly and up to 65 indirectly
  • Executive Leadership Recruitment, (i.e., SVP, CTO, CFO, COO levels)

Making connections, inspiring others, and leading by inspiration are Chrissie’s motivators. She is a problem solver who, while adaptable to change, strives to ensure the proper change lies ahead for both the candidate as well as the organization.  People, passion, persistence, professionalism, and pairing are some of the things that make Chrissie so successful.