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Talent Management Strategy Series – Part 1

Moving into 2023, I am excited that I will be presenting at conferences on the considerations and best practices for Talent Management; Attraction, Efficiency & Retention.

Today’s focus is retention. The cost of retraining, the opportunity cost of the open position, the leadership void, additional strain on the relevant team, and increased costs of the new hire based on the market are just a few important considerations, however, losing Top Talent can be more damaging than any single potential consequence.

Today we discuss the main reasons employees leave employers and how the company’s WHY, Mission Statement, and Vision Statement, should align with opportunities for career growth, position responsibilities, and should be a proactive consideration of the company culture. Whether it’s attraction, creating efficiencies in the process, or retention of your top talent, every company needs to have a strategy.

Referenced resources: “The Talent War” by Mike SarrailleGeorge Randle and Josh Cotton, “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and “Cutting Through” by Bernie Haffey.

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