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Rosemont, IL

Avalign Technologies is a premier, full-service supplier of surgical implants, instruments, and delivery systems. Avalign is one of the fastest growing companies serving the high tech, high growth medical device industry. We are an ambitious company with significant financial backing, a strong track record of success, and big plans for the future. These plans start with attracting, developing, retaining, and promoting the best teams in the industry. This requires a deep commitment to employing a diverse complement of people. The impact our products and services have on people and families is a significant source of pride and motivation for all we do. We design, develop, and/or manufacture custom components and systems that enable our customers to deliver life-changing procedures and solutions for their patients. At the end of everything we do, is a patient whose life will be better as a result of our commitment to excellence. Our commitment to integrity, innovation, and investment underpins our strong growth in both revenue and reputation. Our day-to-day approach is positive, engaging, and supportive. Our businesses and facilities operate with a high level of trust, transparency, and teamwork. We rely on each other to meet our customers’ high standards for quality and timeliness, and to drive continuous improvement. Our leadership teams do not sit behind the scenes. They are actively involved with daily activity and are always available to lend a hand or help work through tough problems with the broader team. Many in our Company began their careers here and work hard to see that others have the necessary technical training and ample opportunities to learn, grow, and advance.

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