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Chemours is a different kind of chemistry company, driven by our purpose to create a better world through the power of our chemistry. With a world-class portfolio, we provide solutions for industries ranging from automotive, paints, and laminates to advanced electronics, construction, energy, and telecommunications, helping to make a world that is more colorful, capable, and cleaner. And increasingly, we are enabling technologies and innovations that are more environmentally friendly including electric vehicles, clean energy such as hydrogen, coatings that create durable and advanced infrastructure, and more energy-efficient cooling. In a world that demands and expects more sustainable solutions, we act with courage, agility, and practice responsible chemistry to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. For us, that’s not just Chemours chemistry, that’s Courageous Chemistry™.
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The Opportunity

Automation & Process Control Engineer

Deepwater, NJ
  • Overview

    This position provides technical leadership and support for the operation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the site’s automation and process control infrastructure. It champions and implements improvements in systems capabilities that will increase the ability to meet customer needs and improve business competitiveness. You will work closely with the Manufacturing / Technical resources, operators, and mechanics to understand the business, site and user needs and priorities. You will Provide process control assistance for the manufacturing area in various technologies ranging from Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), IP21 Process Data Historians, and other interfaces with various IT technologies and systems. You will Identify, develop the scope, and lead minor and medium capital improvement automation projects. You will Manage the DCS system, Safety Interlock System (SIS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), configuration, graphics, documentation, and training to enable stable efficient control of the process.

  • Responsibilities

    •Designs and commission control systems by configuring / developing DCS software
    •Automates and manages existing automation of process functions
    •Develops DCS graphics that enable efficient control room operator response and knowledge of the process
    •Provides control systems input into project development and design schedules.
    •Ensures that the DCS and SIS software management is adequate and applied to achieve the area’s goals,
    •Provides programming support and commission new instrumentation, basic administration of DCS and PLC including monitoring and up keep of applications
    •Performs and coordinates the DCS and SIS data collection and analysis.
    •Serves as contact for all DCS and SIS related systems, IP21, and networks.
    •Participates in and leads DCS and SIS related reviews and projects as required.
    •Conducts and documents or participates in investigations of DCS and SIS incidents and ensures follow-up actions are completed to prevent recurrences.
    •Performs job in way that supports site vision of becoming an empowered organization.
    •Part of a team that provides support, as needed, to control systems across the site for 24 hours a day/7 days a week operations.

  • Qualifications

    The following is required for this role:
    • BS in Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related degree from an ABET accredited institution
    • Minimum 3 years of experience with DCS maintenance/ configuration/ support or PLC maintenance/ configuration support
    • Ability to read and understand control system related documentation such as P&IDs, Logic drawings, electrical drawings, vendor’s installation/user manuals.
    • Working knowledge of key Process Safety Management (PSM) technology elements such as PHA, Process Technology, Management of Change, and Mechanical Integrity / Quality Assurance (MIQA)
    • Experience in developing and documenting detailed basic data to ensure success of process improvements and capital projects.
    • Excellent analytical, problem solving, interpersonal, and communication skills with ability to work in both self-managed and team environments

    The following is preferred for this role:
    • 5+ years of experience in a chemical manufacturing facility
    • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of DCS architecture
    • Demonstrated skills in configuring, documenting, and troubleshooting a variety of control systems including DCS or PLC systems
    • Able to troubleshoot problems to identify computer, instrument, network, or process related issues
    • Willing and able to work off-shift hours when required by maintenance or business needs
    • Experienced with Honeywell DCS and Safety Manager or other Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
    • Experienced with Rockwell PLC system and associated network
    • Experienced with IT and networking systems
    • Experienced with Batch Automation
    • Experience with highly hazardous chemical processes

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