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LSI Emerging MedTech Conference Recap

The LSI – Life Science Intelligence™ Emerging MedTech Conference didn’t disappoint and seems to get better each year which is incredible.  Once again, it didn’t disappoint- with exceptional attendance and high energy.  Over 250 Innovators presented, and the new Innovators Pavilion seemed to be a huge success and smart addition by the LSI team.

Robotics, Regenerative Medicine… AI and Digital Health galore, Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Digital Therapeutics, combination products to your hearts content, Imaging, Monitoring, Wearable Technology and Virtual Reality……  Absolutely phenomenal technology and it’s incredibly exciting to see what the future of Medtech holds for patients, their families, caregivers, and the industry.

As the Metaverse grows, digital optimization is everywhere and Keynote Speaker Atul Butte, the Chief Data Scientist at the University of California, San Francisco Health System gave a remarkable presentation on how they are driving initiatives and using data to create efficiency, improved clinical outcomes, and solutions for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

LSI Alumni raised $1.45 Billion in 2022 from Seed to series E with 90+ documented deals and it will be exciting to see the results from this year’s conference with so many exciting presentations and 157 potential investors in attendance.  If you are a Medtech founder, VC, strategic, or service company that can bring value to the marketplace it is a must attend conference.

Thank you to the LSI team and Scott Pantel in allowing us to sponsor, the opportunity to present on Talent Management Strategies, and we look forward to seeing everyone in Barcelona this Fall.

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