Hiring Assessment

Top Talent Accelerant™ Hiring Assessment

This brief assessment is an opportunity for self-reflection and to see how you and your organization stack up with industry peers. Results will be emailed to you shortly after submitting.

Which industry or industries are you working in?(Required)
How established is your current hiring process?
What is your employee count?
How many interviews are conducted for a typical hire?
How many members of staff are required to "approve" a new hire
How long does it typically take for you to present an offer to a candidate after determining they are a fit?
Please enter a number from 0 to 100.
What is your average employee tenure?
What is your average time to hire? (From postion opening internally to seat filled)
Think of the last 12 months, how much has your organization spent on TA and Recruiting? (Remember bad hires, training, recruitment fees, and salary costs for interviews all go into the cost of hiring new talent)
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Included in the results email is a link to schedule time with one of our Subject Matter Experts in your area of focus.  You can also reach out with one of the methods below!

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