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Greenlight Guru Conference

Darwin Shurig was excited for the opportunity to share insights and perspectives on the important topic of Talent Management Strategies and its relation to the design and development of commercial launch, ROI, and improving best practices during Greenlight Guru’s “To Commercialization & Beyond” conference.

The presentation explores key considerations for commercial launch success in the world of the Metaverse while contemplating a blueprint for identifying talent to hire for attitude, cultural fit, and ability to grow tied to your Mission Statement that utilizes outcomes and analytics to create best practices for attraction, efficiency, and retention.

After knowing the desired goal, there is a lot of work needed to plan and execute for a successful launch. Proper design and development of commercial launch strategies are critical, particularly post-pandemic with increased opportunities for interaction. Additionally, if you don’t have the right people in the most optimal seats, the ability to execute goes down.

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