Sonder Capital

Investing in life-changing healthcare technologies


Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals


San Carlos, CA



Company Size

2-10 employees

Sonder Capital invests in teams and technologies that can transform healthcare in the medical device, diagnostic and healthtech sectors. We are Foundational Investors – we commit our energy and capital early to guide and support companies from inception to acquisition or IPO. We look for big ideas that will change lives.
Core to our success is our ability and willingness to be actively engaged with the companies we invest in, partnering with our entrepreneurs as strategic advisors and providing more than just capital. We believe in getting involved at the early stages of a company which allows us to help entrepreneurs navigate those critical early decisions that can have lasting impact on long-term success.
Our insight into what it takes to bring innovative technologies to market stems from decades of operating experience in the medtech industry. As founders, executives, and board members, we’ve overcome many of the hurdles faced by entrepreneurs

What Is A Sonder Deal?

We partner with entrepreneurs who have a passion for making an impact on patients’ lives and are inventing transformational technologies and business models. We look for these key attributes in every investment:
  • Medical device, diagnostic, or healthtech
  • Transformational innovation enabled by technology
  • Significant impact on patient outcomes, access to care or business model, often supported by the opportunity for a $1B+ market cap.

Building career-spanning relationships, from candidacy to organizational leadership, we provide access to the future of the Medtech and Pharma.