Together we create the future of personalizing medicine

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Compounding & Sterile Outsourcing Services


Rotterdam, South Holland

Company Size

3,000+ employees


compounding, pharmaceuticals, and personalized medicine

Fagron is committed to the personalization of health treatment to cover the individual patient’s need through Pharmaceutical Compounding & Sterile Outsourcing Services. Pharmaceutical Compounding allows pharmacists and prescribers to create medication that satisfies patients’ needs. Through our services towards personalization, we can extend the range of mass-produced medication and keep available medicaments that are no longer offered commercially in an affordable way for those who need them. Fagron was founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and is currently present in 35 countries worldwide enabling pharmacists, prescribers, hospitals, and industry to provide quality, safety, and service for their patients. Together we create the future of personalizing medicine
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Joshua Radke

NA Quality Director & Global Quality Support

Joshua Radke

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